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I don't know what to write for a harvard outline of romeo and juliet mtv version. Discuss how color, music and setting was used effectively and thematically in Romeo and Juliet. How did the actors make this movie real for you.

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    Only you can write this. I doubt any teacher on this board has watched MTV for anything at all!!

    Anyway, try this:

    1. Take one sheet of paper and put the word COLORS at the top. Then re-watch (or re-think) R&J and jot down all the instances in which color made a difference -- and be sure to name the color(s).

    2. Take another sheet of paper; do the same type of thing but put MUSIC at the top.

    3. Take a third sheet of paper; do the same type of thing, but put SETTING at the top.

    Once you have brainstormed these three elements, consider how each of them made the production effective and how themes were made clear through their use.

    After you've done all of the above, you should be ready to write your outline, even if you haven't drafted your thesis statement yet.

    I. Introduction w/ thesis statement
    II. Colors
    III. Music
    IV. Setting
    V. Conclusion

    Your specific references to colors/music/setting and events/characters/places/interactions in the movie will make up the details in each section (II through IV).

    Let us know how you do.

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