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Use Bayes' theorem to solve this problem. A storeowner purchases stereos from two companies. From Company A, 250 stereos are purchased and 1% are found to be defective. From Company B, 950 stereos are purchased and 10% are found to be defective. Given that a stereo is defective, find the probability that it came from Company A.

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    number of defective stereos = .01(250) + .1(950
    = 2.5 + 95
    = 97.5

    so prob that the defective one is from A
    = 2.5/97.5 = .02564

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    I did not know about Bayes Theorem, and just used common sense in my solution.

    I looked it up and found this rather confusing description of it

    I don't think my old brain feels up to learning more about it, lol

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