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english1A- Need help with my argument/thesis

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This is my introduction...

Gender Myths
Some people wear earrings, others do not. Some people wear nail polish, while others do not. Whatever the case is, there are some people, whether male or female, who dress a certain way, either get mistaken for the wrong gender or the wrong sexual orientation because of their styles of dress. Just because a person wears pants, it does not mean that he or she is a boy. Also, just because a man is dressed in a feminine way, it does not make him a homosexual. Every person has their own unique personality and society should not judge a person by what is on the outside but should let people be who they want to be and accept them for who they are. Throughout history, the world has evolved and so has people. Because society is more open with expressing themselves as they are today, others should have respect and should not judge those who are different just because they do not live up to society’s expectations of what a male or female suppose to be.

I'm having a difficult trying to narrow down my argument and thinking of my thesis. I want to talk about how people shouldn't judge others by what they wear or assume a person's gender identity by their appearance and society should accept someone for who they are. Or shouldn't they have to? Do I have a right to say that society should not judge others and accept people, whether they are gay or not, for who they are. Am I being to broad or is my argument not enough? I need serious help.

My essay is relating to the story "Appearances" by Carmen Vazquez.

  • english1A- Need help with my argument/thesis -

    You may be able to post the rest of your introduction now -- after "Gender Myths."

    You may also need to type it here.

  • english1A- Need help with my argument/thesis -

    darn that is so weird that it doesn't post darn it! I'll post a new question.

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