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A golfer rides in a golf cart at an average speed of 3.10 m/s for 21.0 s. She then gets out of the cart and starts walking at an average speed of 1.60 m/s. For how long (in seconds) must she walk if her average speed for the entire trip, riding and walking, is 2.10 m/s?

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    Require that
    2.10 (T+21) = 3.1*21 + 1.6*T
    = (total distance travelled)

    Then solve for T, which will be in seconds.

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    I need help solving for T!!!

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    What kind of help do you need in solving for T?

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    2.1T + 44.1 = 65.1 + 1.6 T
    0.5 T = 21

    Can you complete the solution?

    One should learn algebra before studying physics

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