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The Dyson sphere is an hypothetical spherical structure centered around a star. Inspired by a science fiction story, physicist Freeman Dyson described such a structure for the first time in a scientific paper in 1959. His basic idea consisted of an artificial spherical structure of matter built around a star at a distance comparable to a planetary orbit, with the purpose of capturing the energy radiated by the star and reusing it for industrial purposes. Assume the mass of the sun to be 2.00×10^30kg.

Consider a solid, rigid spherical shell with a thickness of 100m and a density of 3900kg/m^3 . The sphere is centered around the sun so that its inner surface is at a distance of 1.50×10^11m from the center of the sun. What is the net force that the sun would exert on such a Dyson sphere were it to get displaced off-center by some small amount?

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    The net force will depend upon the displacement distance.
    The ? marks in your question make it impossible to answer numerically. Is it supposed to be x10^ ?

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    its simple its 0

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