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as practice for writing to your French-speaking pen pal, tell what you like, don't like, want, don't want, and are going to do by completeing each sentence with an infinitive phrase. You can choose completions from the list, or you can use others that you have already learned.

1. Je veux un télescope.
2. Je ne veux pas de poupée.
3. j'aime acheter de la glace.
4. Je n'aime pas jouer au volley.
5. J'adore regarder la tele.
6. Je prefere ?
7. Je vais L'Inde.

please make any corrections, and I need help on #6.

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    " completeing each sentence with an infinitive phrase. "
    so you need an infinitive phrase in each of the sentences.
    #3,4,5 contain an infinitive, and if you can give an example of what your teacher expects, we can confirm that they will be accepted.

    Now some notes:
    1. télescope.
    5. ...télé.
    6. Exemple: Je préfère faire quelque chose plutôt que de faire une autre chose.
    7. Je vais voyager en Inde.

    P.S. Please excuse me, sometimes I am online for certain responses, but I am on and off, so not always have time to check all the posts. Sorry if I caused you some frustrations.

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    Mathmate, I should be the one saying sorry for causing so much frustration.
    Thanks a lot for your help:-)

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    Thank you for your understanding!
    I am working on your post on adjectives. Stay tuned!

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    thank you so much

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