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What average force in N is required to stop an 1,188 kg car in 9 s if it is initially traveling at 89 km/h?


This looks wrong to me. Can someone explain this to me.

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    Why did you choose 9.8 as the acceleration? It is not falling.

    its average velocity during stopping is 89/2 km/hr (change that to m/s)

    So it traveled in that time a distance of avgvelocity*9s...

    force*distance=initial KE= 1/2 m vi^2
    change vi to m/s, then solve for force.

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    Firstly F=ma but a=(v-u)/t. First convert the 89 Km/h into m/s.


    Then using F=m(v-u)/t

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    What is the average force need to stop a 1500 N car in 8.0 S if it is traveling at 90 km/hr?

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