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A helicopter lifts a 70 kg astronaut 13 m vertically from the ocean by means of a cable. The acceleration of the astronaut is g/10.

(a) How much work is done on the astronaut by the force from the helicopter? J

(b) How much work is done on the astronaut by her weight? J

(c)What is the kinetic energy? J

(d) What is the speed of the astronaut just before she reaches the helicopter? m/s

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    Start with calculating the final velocity v (upwards) of the astronaut (m=70 kg) who starts from rest (v0=0) subject to an acceleration of a=0.1g and through a distance of H=13m.
    solve for v.

    a. sum potential and kinetic energies

    potential energy gain, Ep = mgH
    kinetic energy gain, Ek = (1/2)mv²
    Work done = Ep + Ek

    b. Ep

    c. Ek

    d. v

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