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This is my summary of the Daily News article: Vavenby wants time for mines before school closed.

Vavenby citizens have decided that they don't want the community to take away their school. For the first time School Board Trustees have confronted the parents of the children who might be moved as part of a district reorganization plan. In late August trustees had 27 meetings on closure plans. Carol Schaffer had something to say about this, and she said, “The message is if they take this from Vavenby it will cripple the community." Schaffer is hoping to fill in the school with 100 or more citizens, in a bid to ask the advisors to delay the closure for years. Vavenby Elementary is among the other Elementary Schools that district wants to close in order to maintain its budget. Board will also decide on closures and amalgamations in Kamloops. Administrators want to close Vavenby Elementary at savings of $135,000 a year, and want to bus students to the nearest school in the North Thompson; Raft River Elementary located about 27 kilometres south. Ken Christian, chairman of the Kamloops Thompson School District accepted the board's decisions would change some rural communities. Christian said the board will have new data on student numbers at rural schools stated for closures. In the case of Vavenby, the mill close indefinitely after the school was put on closure notice. He said he wants parents and community members in Vavenby as well as other areas to warn of a hit to the local business. The district lost around 120 students this year. The cost of not closing schools will come with layoffs needed to meet budgets, he warned. “We need to make the district sustainable. There’s a cost of doing nothing.”

Schaffer said the district needs to delay projected closure in 2010 by several years to give a chance for proposed mines to open, one of which forecasts it will need 400 workers.

I really need help shortening this out and putting some words in my own words, plase and thanks you

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    You can start by making an outline using the five w's.

    Who: Valenby citizens and school board trustees

    Then let your summary sit for a while and write it from your outline.

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