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Find the equation of the circle when the center is at the origin and the radius is 6.

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    X^2 + Y^2 = 36
    Here is a very good site to read about how to write the equation of a circle.

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    Raul and Luis were brothers who decided to go into business mowing lawns. thier parents told them they could use the family truck but they would need to buy their own equipment since the family lawn mower was barely working. they bought ywo lawn mowers for $150.00 each and had 300 flyers made for 12 cents each.
    they agreed to work together on every job and split the money evenly. After distributing flyers to all homes around them, they waited for all the calls. They soon soon had so much business they could hardly keep up.they charged $30 for 1/4 acre lots and $60 for 1/2 acre lots.
    they had to buy a trimmer for $30 and a hedge trimmer for $20.
    A receipt book and an appointment book for $12.
    How many 1/4 acre lots will they have to cut to earn $500 each after they pay their expenses? They estimate they spent about $1.00 on gas for each lawn.

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    If you have a question it is best to go to the top of the page and click on Post a New Question. Posting piggy back style rarely results in an answer.

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