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Which hydrocarbon pair below have identical mass percentage of C?
A: C3H4 and C3H6
B: C2H4 and C3H4
C: C2H4 and C4H2
D: C2H4 and C3H6
E: None of the above

My answer is E...Can any one help me?

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    I think you are correct. To have the identical mass percentage of C the "other" compound must have a multiple of C with the same multiple of H and none of the answers qualify.

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    A trick to solving this type of problem is to reduce all of the ratios to either their simplest form or a percentage.

    Ex. 3C/6H => 2C/4H => 1C/2H = 50% C

    1/2 is the simplest form, and the molecule is 50% Carbon.

    With this in mind, you should look over your options once more.

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    all of above is wrong.
    i have the same question for school.

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    should be D: C2H4 and C3H6
    both give you the ratio 1:2

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