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Graphthe equation y plus 6 equals 1/8(x-2

1/8x - 2/8

add 2/8 to 6, so 61 times 8/8 makes it 48/8 plus 2/8 is 50/8

mx plus c would be 1/8 plus 50/8. Is this correct so afr?

If so how do I graph 50/8? Do I just put at 50 on the y axis and do 1/8 rise over run?

  • algebra -

    You're close.
    I get
    y=(1/8)x-50/8, or y=(1/8)x - 25/4
    you probably had the sign reversed.

    To plot the graph, you already have one point: the y-intercept, i.e. (0, -25/4).
    You can get the x-intercept by substituting y=0, and solving for x.
    In theory, two points are sufficient to plat a straight line. However, I suggest you take a third point, for example, x=20, to confirm that all three points lie on a straight line and avoid arithmetical errors.

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