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URGENT: Grade 8 Math

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In my math question it says:

Multiply. Simplify before multiplying. Use benchmarks to estimate to check the product is resonable.

a)3/4 x 8/5

is one of the equations

What are benchmarks?

  • URGENT: Grade 8 Math -

    3/4 x 8/5

    Let's estimate that since 8/5 is more than 1 that your answer is probably just over 1.

    First cancel to simplify:

    3/1 * 2/5 = 6/5 = 1 1/5

  • URGENT: Grade 8 Math -

    3/4 x 8/5 = 24/20 = 12/10 = 6/5
    You will need to supply your own benchmarks. I don't know how your teacher is using them.

  • URGENT: Grade 8 Math -

    im pretty sure that a bench mark is an estimate and to do this u muliply top and that's ur top nuber and multiply the bottom and that's ur bottom number I think sorry if im wrong

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