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So in our Alg II class we're studing variables and functions, and from the situation given we are to figure out the equation.

"In a lighting storm, the time interval betwee the flash ad the bang (f) is directly proportional to the distance between you and the lighting (m)."

Okay so, from the second half of this equation I figured that f=3m . Now the homework is asking us to find what the constant of 3 represents in this real world situation. Any ideas?

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    The speed of sound in air is 331 m/s, about 1/3 km/s.
    The speed of light for short distances is not measurable, and hence negligible.

    The delay of the sound with respect to the light is due to the difference of speed of sound and light.

    You have missed out the units for f and m, which makes the statement confusing. You could add the time as seconds, and the distance as kilometers, and try to figure something out for the interpretation, based on the numbers I presented earlier.

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