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this is the same question I posted yesterday, it is due tommorow, oh and yes I have got how to do the other stuff which I was totally off base.

Without the English civil war, democracy would have never developed,'' no one would have been able to asert changes atall. No one would have been able to make their own decisions/rights, everything would have happened accordingly by king, and the king would have made decisions regarding his own life, he would only do things for his own benefit. With the occurance of this English war, people have the right to judge.

My teacher read this and she said it was good, but she wanted me to add a little more which I did.

If I am missing anything, or If it seems like I have run on sentences, then please do shorten them out, do whatever you can to make it better, thanks:-)

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    Good -- I'm glad you got straightened out on that chart. :-)

    Yes, you have some run-on sentences.

    . . . have never developed. No one would have . . .

    . . . decisions/rights. Everything would have . . .

    Do you see the last run-on sentence?

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    thanks, is there anything else I need to add to it, or do think its good?

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    It's good, Sara.

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