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Can someone please help me determine if these questions are correct. If there not can you point me in the rightdirection...please...please...and thank you!

1. Compared to the particles of a gas, the particles of a liquid
a. Are not in constant motion
b. Collide with the sides of the container, but not with each other
c. Do not completely fill their container
d. Can move longer distances
e. Have more space between the molecules
I believe this is C- do not completely fill their container, is that correct?

2. Compared to ionic and covalent bonds, the strength of intermolecular forces are
a. Substantially greater
b. Slightly greater
c. Slightly less
d. Substantially less
e. The same
I think it’s D- substantially less, is that right or no?

3. The strength of temporary dipole attractions
a. Increases with the size of molecules
b. Decreases with the size of molecules
c. Is greater than other intermolecular forces
d. Is greater than intramolecular forces (ionic and covalent bonds)
e. Is the same for all types of substances
I believe this is A- increases with the size of molecules, or B can someone help me, is that right?

4. Which of the following is not a property of gases?
a. Gases can be compressed into smaller spaces
b. Gases diffuse throughout other gases
c. Gases exert pressure on objects
d. Gases are weightless near the surface of the earth
e. Gases have low densities
I think this is D, but I need some one’s opinion, please help?

5. A pressure of 345 mmHg expressed in torr would be
a. 345 torr
b. 0.454 torr
c. 262,000 torr
d. 3.40 torr
e. 23.5 torr
I believe this is A- 345 torr, is that correct?

6. Which of the following is not an equivalent value?
a. 760 cmHg
b. 1 atm
c. 101.325 kPa
d. 101,325 Pa
e. 14.7 Ib/in.2
I have A- 760 cmHg, is that right?

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    All look ok to me. Good work.

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