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What is an open word? A closed word? Have to put vocabulary words into categories?????

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    All this is not easy to understand, but if you'll post your vocabulary words, we'll try to help you.

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    Piano, profess, profit, season, finance, magnet, treaty, balance, contrast, react, tantrum, radio, climate, create, closet, comet, canyon, humid, metric, current, freedom, raisin, hundred, transmit.

    Thank you. It is very confusing.

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    Open class words are the group "that accepts the addition of new items, through such processes as compounding, derivation, coining, borrowing, etc." So -- to what words in your list can you add endings?

    Closed class words make up the group "to which no new items can normally be added, and that usually contains a relatively small number of items." (Words such as these: the, a, an, to, if ...)

    Unless your teacher has given you a different set of directions, these should work fine. What do you think?

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    He wants me to put them into six categories, VCV, VVCV, VV for open and VCV, VCCV, VCCCV for closed. I am so lost, I will try to figure it out. Thank you.

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    V = vowel?

    C = consonant?

    I don't know how "piano" would fit!! CVVCV??

    VCCV would be something like "able," I guess.

    I'd be lost, too! Sorry I don't understand this better. =(

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