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Hi i've already posted a question before but i forgot to add some information

I need some help with my art project.

I need to choose 2 headlines out of:
- anything you can do..
- cuts will lead to riots in cities
- life was in the oceans 200m years before land
- there are hidden messages in tv

1 headline goes in the beginning and one at the end. in between i need to do 8 images(which is what i need help on) to create a story linking the 2 headlines, there therefore creates a sequence

it would be really useful if you helped me


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    Did you read what I wrote you before. I think you could draw a "strip" with great great grandfather fish telling son how to walk, talk and finally fish for food... That appeals on both a humorous and historical level.

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    Select the headlines first and then we will know better what sort of images to provide.

    If those are the only 2 choices, it does not look easy to link them! Possibly 1 and 3?


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