Algebra 1

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Factor and explain:
34. 8a+12b

35. 18x+6y+12

36. 3+12b+36a

37. 8a+4+12c

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    You could now try the rest and post your results for checking.

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    37. The only common factor is 4.
    8a+4+12c = 4(2a + 3c + 1)

    The others are similar. Try them yourself.

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    34. 34.8b

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    34. 4(2a+3c+1)
    35. 3(6x+2y+4)
    36. 3(1+4b+12a)
    37. 2(4a+6c+2)

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    Sorry, my #34 is not correct. I remember seeing the expression from another question. I have probably put it in the wrong response.

    #34 should be
    I do not know from where the "+1" in your response came.

    you have missed out another factor of 2.

    #36 basically correct, although I prefer to order the terms in alphabetical order of the variables, like:

    Factorization not complete.

    Give it another try. You're getting there.

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