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for socials I have to draw two broadsides[drawings], in support for charles the king and not in support of him.

some examples for in support of him were, well one person drew charles with angry eyes saying Obey which was in support of him and not in support of him they drew him with like cheap clothes and it was kind of like a small comic, because that person drew this other middle class guy calling charles you beggar. it doesn't have to be comic.

i tried explaining it the best as I could. could anyone of you please help me, I really don't know what to draw.

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    Are you asking about King Charles I or King Charles II?

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    james son, so I think that would be charles I

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    James I son would be James II.

    What years did he live or reign?

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    i am talking about charles the I

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    can you please help me on the broadsides

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    What reasons did people have to support Charles I?

    What reasons did people have to oppose him?

    Once you come up with one or two good reasons on each side, I'm sure you'll think of two good broadsides to illustrate them.

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    reasons that people had to support charles were that if they didn't he would finish each and everyone of them off, also if they didn't he wouldn't provide anything to them, he would infact snatch away their precious things from him

    reasons that people had to oppose him were that he didn't make fair decisions and that he did things for his own benefit and not others

    but I still neeed help on creating the broadsides

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    Both of those sound like good reason to oppose him. Your first reason could be illustrated by him holding a knife to a person's throat and saying, "Give me your money!"

    Think about the good things that some people thought he did. Some people agreed with him that the Church of England should go back to its original ways. This is from the Wikipedia article about Charles I:

    "Charles wished to move the Church of England away from Calvinism in a more traditional and sacramental direction.[20] This goal was shared by his main political adviser, Archbishop William Laud."

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    thanks, Ms. Sue that it very good, but I still don't know how to illustrate the good thing.

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    You're welcome.

    You could show Charles on his knees in front of a cross in a church or chapel.

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    yeah, but what would I say on it like what would the comic thing be?

    and what would charles be saying, something like please forgive me

    please help

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