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MATH 157

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I am looking my notes and in my chapter. What would the other endpoint of a line segment with the given midpoint and one endpoint?

  • MATH 157 -

    Use the midpoint formula:

    x coordinate: (1st_x + 1st_y)/2
    y coordinate: (2nd_x + 2nd_y)/2

    So you could put it into an equation like this:

    2 = (0 + x)/2 (for the x coordinate)

    -8 = (0+ y)/2 (for the y coordinate)

    I know it may have seemed confusing how I wrote it out, so please ask if you need any clarification of my solution.

  • MATH 157 -

    let the other endpoint be (a,b)
    using the midpoint formula
    ((a+0)/2,(b+0)/2) = (2,-8)
    so a/2 = 2 or a=4
    and b/2 = -8, or b = -16

    the other endpoint is (4,-16)

    check by finding the midpoint between (0,0) and (4,-16)

  • MATH 157 -

    thank you both!!!

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