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This was the definition of the great awakening that was in my textbook. I don't understand it. Can you please tell me what it means. Thank You.

The Great Awakening is when the Orthodox Calvinists sought to combat Enlightment rationalism, which denied innate human depravity.

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    This means that Orthodox Calvinists believed that every human was born sinful. Enlightenment rationalism believed that people had the God-given freedom to do good or evil.

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    Thank You for your help. I have one more question. Can you please explain to me what this means.This textbook is really hard to understand. We have a test tomorrow so I'm trying to make sense of this stuff.

    New Lights defended the rights of individuals to dissent from a community consensus that ended up challenging fundamental tenents of colonial political life.

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    You're welcome.

    New Lights were more modern thinkers within Christian churches. They believed that people had the right to disagree with what the majority of people thought. This dissension shook up the colonial communities.

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