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please can you help me find the translations

on the agenda = 2 words first one begins with a
to eat = 2 words first one begins with s i think it might be 'se manger'
to spend on = 2 words first one begins with c
to remember = 2 words first one with s i think it is 'se'
advert = 1 word begins with p
at least = 2 words first one begins with a
again = 1 word begins with à
commercial = 1 word begins with s
linked to = 2 words first one begins with l
to affect = 1 word begins with t
to act = 1 word begins with a
to involve = 1 word begins with a
more closely followed = 2 words first one begins with d
to identify = 1 ord i do not know what it starts with
in keeping with = 2 words first one begins with c

please can you help if you understand this

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    Do you have access to a dictionary?
    We will be glad to review what you have attempted.

    Vocabulary exercises are meant to help you memorize the words. If you have not attempted the questions, you will not benefit much from the exercises.

    Also, if it is a cross-word puzzle, please give the number of letters together with your attempt.

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    it is not a crossword
    the dictionary and the online translator come up with the wrong words
    i was hoping someone with a good french vocab would answer ths question

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    Here the text we have to find the words from here

    Le gouvernement essaie de convaincre les Français de mieux se nourrir. Plus de deux milliards d'euros seront consacrés à ce programme national de santé.
    On se souvient doute des pubs 'mangez au moins cinq fruits et légumes par jour'. Le gouvernement a décidé de programmer à nouveau ces spots sur les chaînes de radio et télé, accompagnés d'autres recommandations : 'pratiquez une activité régulière','évitez de manger trop gras, trop sucré, trop salé' etc. Les maladies du cœur liées à une mauvaise alimentation font 170000 morts par an en France. Et l'obésité touche désormais 1 enfant sur 6 contre 1 sur 20 en 1980. Il faut donc agir, et vite pour modifier les habitudes alimentaires des Français. Dans son 'plan d'attaque', le gouvernement veut aussi associer les professionnels de la restauration collective: les cantines, les hôpitaux de sorte que les enfants des écoles et les malades soient mieux nourris. Les élèves seront aussi davantage suivis par la médecine scolaire. Dès leur plus âge, les enfants trop gros seront repérés et pris en main pour retrouver au plus vite un poids conforme à leur taille.

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    Have you given it an attempt?

    I found one before finishing the first line, and it has to do with eating.

    Give it a good try and tell us what you found. This way, you will be comfortable when you take your exam. Even better, you will have a useful vocabulary when you come to write in French.

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    i have done over half the words these are words that i'm not sure about
    eg salty = 1 word so it is salé
    i just want the rest of the answers please

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    "to eat = 2 words first one begins with s i think it might be 'se manger' "
    is "se nourrir", and is found on the first line.

    I suggest you post the half that you have done for checking, and give the rest of it a good try.

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    You'll need a good dictionary for this homework, one that will give you synonyms.

    If you have not found one, try
    I put manger in the text box and the first definition/synonym it gives is "se nourrir".

    If you have intentions of taking French down the road, a French-French dictionary will be a good investment, such as "le Petit Robert" (around US$40).

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    to try = essaie
    to convince = convaincre
    billion = milliard
    to avoid = évitez
    fatty = gras
    sweet = sucré
    salty = salé
    illnesses = maladies
    heart = cœur
    from = de
    to take in hand = pris en main
    weight = poids
    height = taille

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    the website just confuses me more

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    You are right, the web-site will be confusing if you look word for word without the context.
    I have gone through the exercise and found that the best way to approach it is to read the French text thoroughly, understand every word in context. It is difficult to choose the meaning of a word out of context if the word itself has many interpretations. However, reading in context will permit you to pretty well guess the meaning even if you have not seen it before. This is why reading helps the vocabulary.

    After a thorough reading and understanding of the text, then and only then you go back to the words. The words will now pop up in your memory and the exercise will be a breeze.

    The words you have found are correct, but you will have to match the tense of the word. For example, to try (infinitive) is "essayer", even though "essaie" appears in the text.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Take the first word: to try. That is asking for the infinitive = essayer
    to avoid = éviter

    Sra (aka Mme)

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