Assertive Communication

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Roleplay assignment.

Using the scenarios provided or make up your own, develop a script that shows your understanding of Assertive Communication style.

You must include the victim and perpetrator role plus one or more other(s) (i.e. apathetic bystander, mediator, instigator etc…)

Keep in mind that you want to RESOLVE the conflict in a peaceful manner using some of the strategies we have learned in class (i.e. active listening, assertive communication)

Your script MUST sound realistic - this means your characters must show the conflict in their speech and may not simply resolve the conflict in by agreeing to stop fighting. Also, although real-life involves colourful language, gratuitous (repeated or unnecessary) use of swearing will result in a lowered mark.
My Script:

Scenario:Young man meets his friend and wants to got to McDonalds. She wants to go elsewhere.

Bob was in Math class, doodling, and waiting for the bell to signal lunchtime. The bell rang 2 minutes later. He put his books in his bag and headed out. He meets his friend Susan at the parking lot.

Bob: Hey Susan. How are you?

Susan: I’m fine, thank you. And how are you?

Bob: I’m really hungry. Do you want to go to McDonalds?

Susan: Do we have to go to McDonalds?

Bob: Well, there’s Burger King?

Susan: mmmmm….I don’t know.

Bob: Pizza Hut?

Susan: Uhg, don’t like pizza.

Bob: Why don’t you say where you’d like to go/want to go?

Susan: Well, I’m not really bothered.

Bob: Well, there’s Subway?

Susan: Well that would be the healthier option.

Bob: Okay, I’m going to McDonalds because I’d really like a burger from there. And I would like you to join me, but if you would like to go to Subway you can go there.

Susan: Fine.

Can someone check my script and give some constructive criticism if you can. And tell me if I'm missing anything that is required.

Did I meet the requirements? Because I don't know if I've missed anything or not.

Also, is it a good script? And realistic.
Thank you very much.

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