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Will someone please look over these? I am so lost on these.
1. find the domain of p(x)=xsquared+10- I said {x|x is a real number

2. find the intercepts of 3x+2y=6- I got (0,3) and (2,0)

4.find the equation of (-6,-6)and (6,6)- got y=x

7. slope and y-intercept of x+2y=4- got slope of 1 and (0,2) and (4,0)

9. are the lines 4x+6=y and 2y=8x-5 parallel? got yes

10. slope of (-13,-16) (-18,-17)- got 1/5

12. find the equation of m=-8,(6,7)- got y=-8x-41

13. equation of (7,9);x+5y=3 - got y=-1/5x+52/5

15. is 6x-5y=9 and 6y-5x=7 perpendicular? I put no

17. slope and y-intercept of 5x=9y+36- got 5/9 for slope and (0,-4)

21. slop and y-intercept of -7/6x-5/3- I got slope of -7/6 and (0,-5/3)

If I missed any of these, will you please explain them to me? I need to understand these and am having a real hard time.

  • algebra -

    most are correct, you seem to be making small careless errors.

    #7 slope = -1/2

    #12, the given point does not satisfy your equation.
    start with
    let the equation be y = -8x + b
    sub in (6,7)
    7 = -8(6) + b
    55 = b
    so y = -8x + 55

    #13 correct if the new line is supposed to be parallel to the given line, it did not say so.

    #21 seems to be a typo
    did you mean y = -7/6x-5/3 ?
    If so, then correct

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