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posted by . will be asked to prepare 25.0 mL of a 0.019 M solution of sodium chloride during this experiment....

a.calculate mass of sodium chloride needed to prepare solution.

(0.25L)(0.019M NaCl/L)*(58.5g NaCl/1mole NaCl)=0.278 g that right?

someone just replied it was 2.3 but how do i get that?

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    0.025 L x 0.019 M x 58.442 = 0.02776 which rounds to 0.028 g to two significant figures (2 s.f. in 0.019 and in 0.025).

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    given a 4.00stock of sodiam chloride NACL, how would you preparw 100ml of 1.oom

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