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Name the following ionic compounds:

a. Li2O
Lithium Oxide

b. NaClO
Sodium Hypochlorite

c. Sr(CN)2
Strontium Cyanide

d. Cr(OH)3
Chromium Hydroxide

e. Fe(CO3)3
Iron (III) Carbonate

f. Co(NO3)2
Cobalt Nitrate

g. (NH4)2SO3
Ammonium Sulfite

h. NaH2PO4
Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate

i. KMnO4
Potassium Permanganate

j. Ag2Cr2O7
Silver Dichromate

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    Are these all correct?

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    Chromium(III) hydroxide
    Cobalt(II) nitrate
    The others are ok. Good work.

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