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how can i do a senior project about Obesity in America

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    That depends upon what you want to learn about this subject.

    Study these sites for some ideas.

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    I would limit it. Why don't you document the food intake of a group of teens?

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    how can i do community service about this topic

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    Post a poster with the results in the school cafeteria, write a news article, etc.

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    what can be inclued in the senior project about it

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    Did you read through the web sites I posted???

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    yes just need a little more

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    How about following Bobpursley's advice about doing a poster for the school lunchroom. Research the amount of calories needed for a normal teenager.

    I can envision a poster with two columns or sections.

    In one section, have a picture of a slim, attractive person. Then show a reasonable day's food intake with quantities and calories for each.

    In the other section, have a picture of an obese person. Show the food that an obese person might eat in a day. Again include quantities and calories for each.

    I have an obese friend who eats two or three times the amount I do at each meal. When one piece of candy satisfies me, she eats three or four pieces of that candy. The same is true of everything else I've seen her eat.

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    ok that sounds good

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