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this is what it says in my book:

We use the term "witch-hunt" now to describe situations in which many people react to a fear in spite of evidence and good sense. sometimes this creates a "mob mentality" that destrys innocent people, much like the witch craze did in the 17th century. find out about a modern "witch-hunt" and write a summary of what happened. explain how television and other media can contribute to peoples' hysteria.

I really need help on this question. please help, thanks

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    Remember the Saddam has weapons of mass destruction? Remember how Saddam was helping terrorists train to kill Americans?

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    no , sorry I never heard about that. could you please provide me a site about that though. I really need a site which will help me anser this question

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    This site explains the "witchhunt" for Saddam Hussein's so-called weapons of mass destruction.

    Another more current "witchhunt" is the belief of the "birthers" that President Obama was not born in the U.S.

    Check this site.

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    You're welcome.

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