7th grade Math

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I have two questions for math.

How do I add/subtract an integer
Please give me full notes, or webpage please.

Also, my teacher said 10-20E (Problems in book we have to do)
Is that evens? because the odd answers are in the back of the text book


  • 7th grade Math -

    These sites have great explanations of adding and subtracting integers.



    The assignments probably are only for the even numbered problems because of the "E" after the numbers.

    Of course, it wouldn't hurt to do all of the problems -- especially since you can check your answers to the odd-numbered problems.

  • 7th grade Math -

    Thanks Ms. Sue you help with everything!!!

  • 7th grade Math -

    You're welcome, Dean.

  • 7th grade Math -

    6.7 x 10 to the 4th power
    7.6 x 10 to the 4th power
    8.9 x 10 to the 3rd power
    9.8 x 10 to the -3rd power

    put in order from least to greatest

  • 7th grade Math -

    how do you find the interest and balance of the account.
    ($278) at 8% for 9 months?

  • 7th grade Math -

    Change percent to a decimal

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