Types of Violence

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Types of Violence

For each of the following scenarios, write the correct number of the heading in the space beside it. Each heading may be used more than once.

1. Financial abuse
2. Physical abuse
3. Sexual abuse
4. Bullying
5. Psychological/Emotional

A. A grade eleven student makes a grade nine student pay money to get down a certain hallway at school (1)

B. Calling someone “fat” every day (4)

C. Calling someone a fag/lesbian (4)

D. Ignoring your dating partner because they were talking to someone else (?)

E. Threatening to hit your partner (2)

F. Borrowing money from a friend on a regular basis, but never paying it back (1)

G. Threatening to fight with someone if they tell on you about something you have done (2)

H. Spreading rumours about someone in your class (5)

I. A group of friends makes fun of the way another student dresses each day (5)

J. Forcing someone to participate in sexual activity (3)

Also, does (4)Bullying fit into A, B, C, F, G as well?

And would (3)Emotional Abuse fit into B and C?

Can someone check my answers and tell me if they are correct, if not, please correct me. Also, if I've missed any tell me aswell.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

  • Types of Violence -

    I think all of them can be considered bullying and psychological/emotional abuse.

    Other than that I agree with your answers.

  • Types of Violence -

    Okay, thanks.

    But, I'm having trouble with "D"
    What it be categorized as?

    Please help.

  • Types of Violence -

    I would call that psychological/emotional abuse. It could also be part of a bullying pattern.

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