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what are the consequences of health disparities on everyone

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    I assume you're asking about "health care" disparities.

    A person who doesn't have health insurance usually can't afford to go to a doctor. So, he waits until he's really sick and then goes into an emergency room. By then he may be so sick that he has to be admitted to the hospital.

    Doctor's visits are much cheaper than hospital care. Who pays for this excess expense? We all do.

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    i'm talking about disparities like african americans having higher rates of hypertension or infant mortality or homicide

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    Thank you for clarifying your question.

    Deaths at a young age, whether from infant mortality, hypertension, murder, or whatever deprive their families and society of their gifts and productivity. They also cost all of us more money for either hospital care or incarceration.

    Collateral damage can be devastating. Several years ago I talked with an African-American principal in a large Texas city school. He related his experience at a funeral of a drive-by killing victim. Her friends resented his presence and seemed totally flat of affect -- as if they didn't care. What had this and other murders do to their sense of humanity, friendship, and empathy???

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