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The recipe for mint chocolate ice cream requires 2 1/4 cups of creams for 5 people. You need ice cream for 8 people. How much cream will you need?

Please explain,thanks.

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    2 1/4 = 9/4

    (9/4)(8/5) = (9/1)(2/5) = 18/5 = 3 3/5 cups

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    Let's set up a proportion and cross-multiply.

    2 1/4 / 5 = x / 8

    5x = 2 1/4 * 8
    5x = 18
    x = 3 3/5 cups

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    3 3/5 cups idk why it's 2016 In my school still got us doing this

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    2 1/4 ÷ 5 = 9/20
    9/20 x 8 = 18/5
    18/5 = 3.6
    3.6 cups

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    It's 3 3/5

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