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I really need your help
What English word is similar to adorn?
give an equivalent in French to decorate?
Give two synonyms in English comprehension?

please help and thank you

  • French -

    There are some excellent dictionaries Online. Just ask for what you need.

    A Thesaurus is a good reference for synonyms and antonyms. Even a good dictionary will sometimes have those.

    synonym of adorn = array, beautify, bedeck, deck, doll up, dress up, embellish, enhance, enrich, fix up, furbish, garnish, grace, gussy up, ornament, spruce up, trim

    equivalent word in French to decorate = d├ęcorer

    synonyms in English FOR comprehension? sorry, but your last question is incomprehensible.

    for = understanding, grasp, knowledge, command, conception, ability


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