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A man drops a stone into a water well on his farm. He hears the sound of the splash 3.25 s later. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 and the speed of sound in air is 326 m/s. How deep is the well?

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    100.3 meters, if I'm not mistaken..

    Well deep = 326/3.25= ~100m

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    Denote the height by h, and the time for stone to descend t, we have the equation
    u=0 m/s, initiial speed, and
    g=acceleration due to gravity.

    For the sound to return, we have
    h=326 m/s*(3.25-t)

    Solve for h and t using the two equations.
    You should have t=3.1 and h=47 m approximately

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    Thanks a lot

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    How exactly was h and t solved for?

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    Explain further pls

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