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I am trying to solve 5x+y=30 - this is what I have completed so far.
-5x =30-5x
y= 25x
so the points to plot would be -5,25 ? I do not think is correct - please help

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    Start with an x column and next to it have a y column so for every x answer you have there will be a corresponding y answer. For example start with assigning x=1, plug it in the equation and find out what y equals. Then assign x=2 then plug it in and find out what y is, and so on and so on until you have a good graph representation of what the answer looks like. So, you will have a multitude of x and y answers. Hope this helps

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    5x+y=30 is a single equation with two variables, which means that it gives a relationship between the variables.
    In this case, the points that satisfy the relationship form a line.

    You can reorganize the equation to read:
    As sharon suggested, make a table of values of x and y. Designate values of x (say from -5 to +5) and calculate the corresponding values of y. Plot these pairs of values, or points, on the graph and you should obtain a straight line if there are no errors. For example:
    x y
    -5 55
    -4 50
    -3 45
    5 5

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