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I need to translate this paragraph. Can someone check my work? I didn't write it so I can't just change it to have only words I know so I need help to translate it. Thanks!

I would like to travel if I had the time and the money. I would like to see the mountans of tibet and the plains of Russia. I would buy a good car like a jeep or a Range Rover and I would visit far-off, exotic places. During my trip, I would like to speak with people from different countries. I would like to know what is important to them. I would take many photos and videos and when I return home, I would spend hours organizing a record of my trip around the world.

My translation:
Je voudrais voyager si j'avais le temps et l'argent. Je voudrais voir les montagnes de Tibet et les plaines de Russie. J'achèterais une bonne voiture comme un Jeep ou un Range Rover at je visiterais des endroits loins exotiques. Je voudrais parler avec des gens des pays différents. Je voudrais savoir ce qui est important pour eux. Je prendrais beaucoup de photos et de vidéos at quand je reviendrai à la maison. Je passerais des heures en organisant un record de mon voyage autour du monde.

  • French -

    des endroits loins et exotiques
    et de vidéos quand je reviendrai = what is "at" doing there?

    très bien fait

    Sra (aka Mme)

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