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Alright for an Spanish assignment I must make skit that talks about family.

And I need to roleplay this skit infront of the class.

The problem is that in the skit I must teach the class about family members ands their relationship.

I need to do this in a group of 5.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I would proceed to do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

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    I would assign a different role to each of the group:

    mother (or father)

    Let each introduce himself or herself and tell how they are related.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, they will each have different roles, but they can't just outright introduce themselves.

    It has to be in some sort of scene. Like if I were doing a skit about 'foods' we would be at a restaurant ordering food.

    Any other ideas?

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    Yes, you could be in a restaurant. But remember, the people in the skit must talk about the family. How are you going to work that in to the restaurant scene?

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    Sorry if I confused you, but I was using the restaurant scene as an example.

    The problem is I'm having trouble coming up with a scene in which the family members are able to present themselves to the class and their relationship in a non-outright fashion.

    The purpose of this activity is to teach the class the vocabulary of family.

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    The easiest way to write a dialogue is to use Interrogative Words: ¿quién, qué, cómo, por qué, cuándo, cuánto, dónde,? etc. Depending upon your textbook , there should be examples in the book, plus the vocabulary you are studying.

    The usual pattern for a dialogue is:
    1. Greeting + question
    2. Answer to that question + another question.
    3. To vary this pattern, rejoinders are always good. (An exclamatory remark, for example.)

    You might list the vocabulary words you'd like to use, because that often makes it easier to ask a question, or make a remark.


  • Spanish Help?? (URGENT) -

    If someone said Soy Jannie Gooden as an answer then what would be the question that was asked.

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