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I had a quiz in math.

The problem is:

I got the answer 11.5 and my teachr marked it wrong. When she gave us a chance to fix the errors for half credit, I tried it again. But I KEEP getting the same answer. What am I doing wrong?

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    abs( 4.3+(-7.2))

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    You have to solve the absolute value first, then change the sign to the opposite.

    So, it is 4.3 + -7.2 = -2.9
    Then take the absolute value of -2.9

    which is 2.9

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    good work, Muffy.

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    Oh!! You don't do the absolute value part until the end!! I get it now! I was changing it at the beginning!! THank you soo much!

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    Like.... You solve it and then change it to the opposite. It's hard to explain now, but Igot it! Thank you guys so much! You're life savers!

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    Thanks, getting something right gives me great confidence!

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