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Algebra 1

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Each student will be assigned a variable(mine being C) the student is to create a creature to represent that variable. The student must make 10 creatures for the variable. Then the student must make 10 additional creatures to represent that variable squared. The last thing the student must do is to write 5 different problems that someone could use the creature to complete.The problems should be designed so the creatures (both) can be used to simplify them.

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    Mary, it doesn't make much math sense at all. IT is specific what to do, but I am dumbfounded on what the purpose is, and it is not apparent what the purpose of the assignment is, unless to confuse students beginning Algebra I. I suspect the person who created this problem is math illiterate, and the purpose of the assignment is beyond me.
    If you were my child, I would be in the Principal's Office Monday morning, telling him that this is bull remains, and I intend to take it to the school board, and then do that. We do not operate schools to practice nonsense. You stay out of this, it is a parent task.

    Now for the assignment: Name 10 creatures for C. For example: Raccoon, bear, squirrel, ... . Then make up 10 more creatures for c2. Such as Horse, Elephant, Giraffe.

    Then write ten problems such as this.

    4elephants+3Racoons + 5=0

    IT is a good time to mention what math is....

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