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Hi! So i posted a question yesterday and I worked on but before i submit my answer do you think you can check my answers?
1. 7x+3y= pi 4x-6y= pi^2
2. 2x+3y= 0 4x+6y= 0 2
3. x+3y=1 4x+ 6y= 1
4. x+y=5 x+2y=10
5. 2x-3y=5 4x-6y=10

1.U 2.N 3.N 4.U 5.I

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    If it is a follow-up question, it is better for you to post the question in the original post, and make a new post to refer to the original post (giving the date and time suffices).

    See answer at the end of previous post:
    on Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 10:31pm.

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