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I need to draw pictures that represents the weather, for a poster assignment.

But I'm having trouble with hot and sunny. what 2 different pictures can i draw to represent them?

Also, cold, snowing, and windy. I need 3 different pictures to represent them as well?

any ideas would helpful.

  • Pictures (URGENT) -

    If i draw a sun for sunny, then I need a different picture for hot.

    and if i drawing snow for snowing, wind for windy then i would need a different picture for cold.

    so now, all i need is a picture for 'hot' and a picture for 'cold'

    any ideas would helpful.

  • Pictures (URGENT) -

    Maybe fire for hot? And pissibly ice or a glacier for cold? or you could draw a faucet with water running and steam rising for hot. Or ice cream for cold! :D Hope this helped.

  • Pictures (URGENT) -

    How about the sun over san dunes with little lines to indicate rising heat off the sand for hot?

    Would an iceberg do for cold?

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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