7th Grade Math

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Hi, I'm stuck on these problems, and I asked my family members, they don't know, so I've come to you, community! Please help, thanks.

Round each decimal to the underlined place-value position.

(seven is the underlined number)
(nine is the underlined number.)
(zero is the underlined number)
Thanks, just three questions from my homework and hopefully I can manage the rest of it.

  • 7th Grade Math -

    4.2974 = 4.297

    39.987 = 40.0

    0.085 = 0.1

  • 7th Grade Math -

    If the number on the right side is lower than 5 then the (underlined) number stays the same and if the number on the right is 5 or higher then the underlined number goes up one

  • 7th Grade Math -

    the number on the right side of the underlined number***

  • 7th Grade Math -

    Thank you

  • 7th Grade Math -

    Hi. I'm in 7th grade too. Look to the right of the underlined number. Determine if it is between 0-4 or 5-9. If it is in the category 0-4 keep the number the same.
    If it's in between 5 and 9, round it up to the next number in the number line. EX: 2.15 underlined is 1...you would round it to 2.2 I hope this helps!

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