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which of the folowing is not a common element of traditional religious of this region
A)a belief in a single supreme being
B)a belief in anture spirits
C)efforts to convert neighboring peoples
D)the honoring of ancient ancestors
my choose is b

which statement about religion in africa south of sahara is accurate?
A)christianity first became part of culture about 150 years ago
B)religion is an intergral part of daily life
C)islam has not attracted a large following
D)it does not include european influences
my choose b

the primary type of farming in the region is _____ farming
my choose is d

agriculture conducted on permenent farms
A)is rarely practiced in africa south of sahara
B)is called subsistence farming
C)is rapidly taking the place of commercial farming
D)is called sadentary farming
my choose a

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    How do we even know of which region you speak?


  • check geo -

    Your second answer is right. The first and third are wrong. I'm not sure about the last answer.

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