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You want to compare the quality of several statistics textbooks.
(a) Identify two categorical variables and two quantitative variables that you would use to describe textbook quality. Give a reason for each of your choices.

So I think for the first categorical variable the materials like what is used to make the book and for the second the year it was published. Would those be considered categorical variables? I think I know the definition pretty well. And for the quantativ variable maybe the price? Or would that be categorical? And number of errors? Number of professors per college that use the textbook? Do any of those count as quantitative? Thank you for any helpful advice you might have!

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    By "what is used," are you referring to the type of paper, cover, etc. or the number of topics covered, the depth of coverage and the understandability of the material (is it user friendly?).

    Price and number of pages would be quantitative. However, since usage by professors relies on other factors beside book quality -- selling ability of the book sales persons, what they are trying to "push," and personal relationships with the professors -- I would tend not to include this. However, professor evaluations of the book could be a qualitative factor.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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