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I have to get a rough draft of my descriptive writing assesement done by tomorrow.

Approximately one page long, what can i write about ?
I can describe a place, event, object etc.
I do have a passion for basketball so i might write about that.

Do you have any suggestions, ideas, pointers, advice or comments?

Thank You !

  • English - Descriptive Writing -

    Here are a couple of excellent sites on descriptive writing.

    (Broken Link Removed)


    By the way... basketball is "king" <G>
    Suggestion - good descriptive writing appeals to the senses.... Describe the crowd at a basketball game... the feeling, sound, smell, motion.

  • English - Descriptive Writing -

    Thank you!

    I've finished my rough draft but i'll use those resources to re-edit and double check.

    Thanks again for the support and help :)

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