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bio 1003 lab notes baruch
Experimental setup 1 contains live, germinating pea seeds.
Experimental setup 2 contains germinated then boiled pea seeds.
Experimental setup 3 contains dry pea seeds that have not begun to germinate.
Experimental setup 4 is a tube of phenol red and glass pipette.

Gasses have accumulated in the space above the seeds. You will see a sealed thistle tube that penetrates the lid and another tube that leads from the experimental container into the phenol red solution in a test tube. The accumulated gas can be pushed out and bubbled through the phenol red by unstopping the thistle tube and filling the space up with water.

Acid can be detected with phenol red solution. Phenol red solution has the property that it is yellow if the pH is acidic (<7) and pink if basic (>7).

What do you predict the color of phenol red will be in each of the setups.

Experiment 1

Experiment 2

Experiment 3

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