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can soemeone please help me with this one?

Take the four ideas behind ELITISM/ELISTIST government – Marx; Weber; Mills; and pluralism. All four have relevance to American government and politics today. For EACH of the four, define/describe it and then explain an issue or situation that is happening currently that backs up this theory. For each example, you should be able to use something out of the Bush administration since 9/11, with the War in Iraq being especially good ground to cover.

Just give me some brief points please!

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    We'll be glad to critique your answer.

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    Well this is what i got so far...I have no idea if ths is right! please do correct me and also help me with the examples...please!!!

    Marx: believed that everything a government does is motivated by economic conditions.

    Weber: thought that Marx assigned too much attention to economic forces. He believed it was bureaucrats that have all the real power and that make most key decision.

    Mills: Mills found that real leadership is held by a chosen few in 3 sectors: business, military and governmental.

    Pluralism: competition among all affected interests shapes public policy. Because Government has so many cleavages, many different groups have access and therefore they share and compete for power.

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    You really didn't address elitism.

    For instance, Marx believed that ordinary people should rise up and take control of government.

    Did Weber agree with Marx?

    Did Mills think that those who govern should be among the elite?

    Your explanation of pluralism is good.

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    thanks...but can you give me a current example that goes with it?

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    The debate in Congress about health care is a good example of pluralism. Many different segments of society are reflected in this debate.

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