Spanish History..?

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One spanish explorer landed on ____ street in St. Petersburg. A plaque marks the arrival of ____ in (date) ____ located at Abercrombie Park.

Name two ways one might know that an influx of immigrants lives in the area.

Where can one find a statue of Christopher Columbus in St. Petersburg?

Where does the famous St. Petersburg Spring sailboat race to?

The St. Petersburg Yacht Club held an annual sailboat race from St. Petersburg to ____ until 1959.

Do you know any sources I could possibly get this information from? Thanks!

  • Spanish History..? -

    You can Google:

    Abercrombie Park
    statue Columbus St. Petersburg
    St. Petersburg Spring sailboat race
    St. Petersburg Yacht Club held an annual sailboat race 1959

    As for the second -- I'd listen to languages and look at faces. In addition, I'd check the names of churches.

  • Spanish History..? -

    Okay thanks!!

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