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What orbitals are used to form the C–B bonds in B(CH3)3?

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    Boron has an electronic structure of 1s2 2s2 2p1 but it is never found in the +1 state, only the +3 state. One of the 2s electrons is promoted to the 2p level to make the sp2 hybrid which is trigonal planar in 3-D.

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    I don't understand. They gave options for this question. What I don't understand is how to find their orbitals.

    Here are the options:

    C sp – B sp2

    C sp2 – B sp2

    C sp3 – B sp3

    C sp3 – B sp2

    C sp2 – B sp3

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    Sorry let me repost.

    A). C sp – B sp2 B). C sp2 – B sp2

    C). C sp3 – B sp3 D). C sp3 – B sp2

    E). C sp2 – B sp3

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    C in CH4 is sp3 hybridized so CH3- (denoting a bond to something else) is sp3. B, as I explained in my first response, is sp2 so the correct answer should be C.

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